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The Holderness Family Podcast

Jun 1, 2020

On this episode, we sit down with Donald Thompson and Jackie Ferguson of The Diversity Movement to have a conversation about race and how to be better allies in the wake of George Floyd. Donald Thompson is a friend and CEO of WalkWest. He serves on boards for several organizations in the fields of technology, marketing, sports and entertainment and is a mentor for Black Founders Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange. Jackie Ferguson is Director, Multicultural Programming at WalkWest and lead course writer for Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox. You can learn more at

The Diversity Movement has put together lots of resources, books for children, our offers and upcoming events that promote allyship and make us all stronger together. You can also purchase their module on Unconscious Bias for only $19 with 100% of the proceeds will go to North Carolina organizations that support, educate and empower underserved and marginalized communities in our fight for equality. Learn more:

Here are some of the ways I discussed how I am starting to become a better ally on the podcast as well:

1) Broaden your social media feed to more creators of color. Some Instagram users that I follow are @rachel.cargle, @theconsciouskid, @AustinChanning, and @LatashaMorrison.

2) Google whether your local police department outfits all on-duty officers with body worn cameras and requires them to be turned on when answering a call. If they don’t, write to your city government and advocate for it.

3) Read, learn, and get involved. You can get involved with Be The Bridge, Showing Up for Racial Justice, or Center for Racial Justice. I'm reading White Fragility and I'm Still Here about racial inequality. There are also good books for kids to begin the conversation:



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